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Blank Puzzle Package - Laser Cut Your Own Puzzle!

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The Wimberley Puzzle Company Blank Puzzle Package is a "provide your own prints and we provide the rest package" designed to supply you with the exact high quality materials that we use right here in the RV workshop for our puzzles, including the puzzleboard, puzzle boxes and puzzle bags - you supply your own prints. This package eliminates the common loop of sourcing, buying and testing materials, only to source more, buy more, and test again. Our materials are proven and come with complete instructions on cutting (including settings) and designing your puzzle.

This package is available in a 5 or 10 puzzle package:

- Five or Ten 11x17" Puzzleboard Backing Pieces

The same high quality Eska puzzleboard that we make our puzzles from. Our puzzleboards are .059" thick (1.50 mm), short grain with exceptional lay-flat properties, and acid neutral. This is a 3-layer laminated solid board (60% core, 40% face layers) made from 100% recovered paper.

- Five or Ten 8.5x11" Puzzle Boxes

Five white, flat-packed 8.5x11x2" puzzle boxes ship easy, set up easy, and allow for complete customization of your puzzle box.

- Five or Ten 5x7" Muslin Cotton Puzzle Piece Bags

Our black muslin cotton bags with drawstrings are the ideal solution for an upscale presentation of your puzzle pieces in the box.

- File Templates and Instructions

Puzzle making instructions including tips and tricks that we've discovered along the way such as cleaning your puzzles, papers to use, cutting settings, and how to include special pieces in Illustrator. Front and back box cover templates made available in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop file formats.

The Wimberley Puzzle Company Difference

We strive to use the highest quality materials in manufacturing our puzzles here at the Wimberley Puzzle Company - from the puzzle backing, to the print, and finally to the box we put everything in. 

Puzzle Piece Thickness Comparison

Wimberley Puzzle Company puzzle prints are color-calibrated for our paper of choice and then printed on a professional Canon wide format printer.

Our paper

Our paper is a thick and durable 12 mil (.012") matte finish photo paper. Anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint - meant to be handled and enjoyed. Our paper features a bright white surface, with a luxurious matte finish that brings out the beauty of the images. This paper relishes the opportunity to put on display even the smallest nuances of detail. Much of puzzling is about the tactile sensation of the pieces - this paper is slightly textured due to the matte finish and feels luxurious in your hands.

Puzzle Materials

Extra Thick Puzzleboard

Our extrathick puzzleboard is a high quality, three-layer laminated solid board comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled material for sustainability. It measures .06" inches thick, which is approximately twice as thick as a typical puzzle that you'll find at big box stores. Our heavyweight, matte photo paper measures .012" for a finished piece that is .072" thick. With high-quality materials comes extra durability. You'll feel the difference right out of the box and with each piece you place.

1/8" Baltic Birch

Our premium puzzle backing offering is 1/8" thick Baltic Birch imported from the Baltics. We chose Baltic Birch because of its consistency, quality and sustainability. The plys consist of 100% birch wood - meaning no fillers or unknown softwoods. Birch is an abundant and fast growing species of tree and this sustainability was part of our decision. 

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