Blank Puzzle Package - Laser Cut Your Own Puzzle!

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Blank Puzzle Package

The Wimberley Puzzle Company Blank Puzzle Package is a "provide your prints, and we provide the rest package" designed to supply you with the same high-quality materials that we use right here in the workshop for our puzzles, including the puzzle board, puzzle boxes, and puzzle bags - you supply your prints. This package eliminates the typical loop of sourcing, buying, and testing materials to source more, repurchase more, and test. Our materials are proven and come with complete instructions on cutting (including settings) and designing your puzzle.

This package is available in a 5 or 10 blank puzzle package:

Five or Ten 11x17" Blank Puzzle Board Backing Pieces.

The same high-quality Eska puzzle board that our customers rave about. Our blank puzzle boards are .059" thick (1.50 mm), short-grain with exceptional lay-flat properties, and acid neutral. This blank puzzle board is a 3-layer laminated solid board (60% core, 40% face layers) made from 100% recovered paper.

Five or Ten 8.5x11" Blank Puzzle Boxes.

Five white, flat-packed 8.5x11x2" puzzle boxes ship easily, set up easily, and allow for complete customization of your puzzle box.

Five or Ten 5x7"Burlap Puzzle Piece Bags.

Our 5x7"  burlap bags with drawstrings are the ideal solution for an upscale presentation of your puzzle pieces in the box.

File Templates and Instructions.

Puzzle-making instructions including tips and tricks that we've discovered along the way, such as cleaning your puzzles, papers to use, cutting settings, and how to include special pieces in Illustrator. Front and back box cover templates made available in both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop file formats.