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On the Lam With Rio

Rio and I are on the lam.

Nah, not really…

We were driving down the road not too long ago… Rio casually looked over and said, “I want to see all of those places that are in those puzzles you’re shipping out.”

On the Lam With Rio

I told him maybe one day we could… but that takes money, so we’ve gotta keep on keeping on.

We kept cruising down the road… sharing a few minutes of silence between us, when Rio says, “well … what if we just go see things, you make new images, I chase everything I see, and you just make those puzzles from the road?”

“Rio, I know we just got you fixed… and you’re on some decent pain meds but we can’t bring that puzzle cutting laser in a tent. And the printer! No way. No how.”

Another couple of minutes of silence passes between us… me keeping it between the lines; Rio concentrating on the oncoming traffic, until his head does a yoyo, front to back as he follows a vehicle that just went by.

“JB, I love sleeping in a tent… but, you know me, I kind of like my creature comforts too. What if we got one of those big things that just passed us?”

I check out the rearview and see the clearance lights of an RV in them.

“Rio… Rio … … We’d have to sell it all and just live on the road. You’ll get to see things, but you’re going to always be in a new, unfamiliar place. You’re going to be on a leash - a lot. You’re going to be in 400 square feet, and let’s be honest, you’re a spaz half the time.”

“I’ll be good.”

So… here we are.

On the Lam With Rio

What's this mean for the puzzles? It means more images, more puzzles, available at more places. And maybe some fun stories / adventures!

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