Collection: Wooden Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

Wildlife Puzzles Collection

If I could spend all of my time outdoors, I probably would. Alas, I cannot. You are probably the same.

In those times of not being able to explore vast wildernesses, observing the common and not so common wildlife and their behaviors, waiting for the expected, and desiring the unexpected, I invite you to check out my collection of wildlife jigsaw puzzles created from my encounters across the USA and the world. 

Explore my collection of fine art wildlife prints turned wildlife puzzles featuring professional images of wildlife in their natural and beautiful habitats ranging from the mountains to the forests, and to the sea.

Wildlife Found in this Collection

A variety of wildlife can be found in this collection of wildlife puzzles including:

  • wild horse puzzles 
  • endangered sea turtle puzzles, like the Kemps Ridley
  • South African wildlife puzzles like sables and giraffes
  • alligator puzzles
  • fox puzzles
  • deer puzzles
  • moose puzzles
  • wild bird puzzles
  • and elk puzzles

Puzzles Sizes and Piece Counts

Each puzzle in this collection is available in the following size and piece counts:

  • 10x15" (250 Piece Puzzles)
  • 16x20" (250 Large Piece Puzzles)
  • 16x20" (500 Piece Puzzles)
  • 22x33" (1000 Piece Puzzles)