Yellowstone Wooden Puzzles

Yellowstone Jigsaw Puzzles

My one-of-a-kind Yellowstone jigsaw puzzle collection features many of the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park. An array of Yellowstone landscapes; as well as the wildlife, such as bison, elk, and more. Majestic bull elks, the raging rivers and rapids of Yellowstone River, the calm downstream rivers, thundering waterfalls like Gibbon Fallsmajestic bison, amazing Yellowstone sunsets, and thermal springs such as Grand Prismatic springs are available in this Yellowstone jigsaw puzzle collection. Each of my Yellowstone puzzles features unique StoryPieces™ found nowhere else. 

About this collection of Yellowstone National Park jigsaw puzzles:

This is a collection of my fine art prints turned Yellowstone puzzles and just a part of our national parks puzzle collection. I'm your puzzle maker, meaning made in the USA. I capture each image. Then, I design your puzzle, print it, and cut it in-house.

Incorporated into each puzzle are numerous hand-drawn StoryPieces ™, which are hand-designed, recognizable pieces that tell a story within your puzzle. These unique StoryPiece shapes include fantastical shapes like wolves, bears, eagles, and more. StoryPieces turn your regular Yellowstone puzzle into an educational, engaging, and entertaining Yellowstone National Parks puzzle. 

I manufacture your puzzle using the highest quality materials. I start with an extra-thick and durable puzzle board backing. Then, I print on professional-grade, acid-free matte photo paper.

This paper is fingerprint and glare-free, which most puzzlers begin to appreciate the moment they start to organize their pieces. You can actually see them all without the overhead light reflecting off of them!

And the Artist Signature Series? Each puzzle contains one unique piece signed by the original artist. 

Puzzle Sizes and Pieces

Each puzzle in this series of Yellowstone puzzles is available in the following sizes and piece counts:

  • 10x15" 250 Piece Puzzle
  • 16x20" 250-Large Piece Puzzle
  • 16x20" 500-Piece Puzzle
  • 22x33" 1000 Piece Puzzles