Made in the USA Jigsaw Puzzles

I'm frequently asked, "where are your jigsaw puzzles made?" And I see on other websites that you have to dig down really deep to shop a special Made in USA section of the website. You shouldn't have to do that. And you don't need to shop a specific section of my website to shop Made in the USA jigsaw puzzles! All of the WImberley Puzzle Company puzzles are made by me, made in the USA. Every single puzzle is crafted in-house in Wimberley, TX (you can even swing by our showroom and manufacturing facility!). It's not just our puzzles made in the USA though. Everything found on our website, every bit of artwork, everything is made in-house. 

I take great pride in being able to provide a product that is made entirely here, and thank you for supporting American-made products. I hope you find as much delight in putting your puzzle together as I found in making it for you. 


Thanks for buying American!