Custom Picture Puzzles - Make Your Own Puzzle

Custom Picture Puzzles - Make Your Own Puzzle

Custom Photo Puzzles - Make Your Own Puzzle

Consider Wimberley Puzzle Company your personal puzzle creator and puzzle maker.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle of a Pet

Rio (the head puzzle maker) designed - with a little bit of my help - and Rio approved. Rio's puzzle features unique pieces such as hearts, a squirrel, a dog jumping and playing, and more.

Puzzle Materials

These wonderful, 1/8" thick wooden (Baltic Birch) or extra-thick puzzleboard jigsaw puzzles are the crème de la crème of puzzles and the best gift to make any special day a day of huge smiles (and maybe tears)! Custom jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gift for so many occasions - newlyweds, Christmas, birthdays, 1st wedding anniversary gifts (paper), 5th wedding anniversary gifts (wood), Mother's Day, and Father's Day. 

Designing and Making Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

We start with an image of your choosing. It could be a picture of the grandchildren, a beloved pet, or maybe a vintage picture of all of the kids together in their younger days. 

Then, we professionally color correct and balance the photograph exposure to get the best detail out of your image. Your image is then printed in-house on our large format, 12-ink printer to ensure the best reproduction possible on the finest photo papers.

We custom design you a puzzle that is unique to your puzzle, and your puzzle only. Along with your input, we custom design special whimsical puzzle pieces and place them into your puzzle. These pieces can be letters spelling out a name, hearts, a message, state shapes, or anything that you can think of.

We glue.

We cut.

We print your box (and include a custom story about your puzzle if you choose). And, we ship straight to you or your gift recipient.

It's that easy!