Collection: Custom Wooden Puzzles - Make Your Own 250 or 500-Piece Photo Puzzle

Consider Wimberley Puzzle Company Your Custom Wooden Puzzle Maker.

Custom Wooden Puzzle

We take the idea of a custom wooden puzzle just a little bit further than everyone else. Your personalized photo puzzle isn't just stamped out of a piece of cardboard. We personally design you a one-of-a-kind, premium quality wooden puzzle. 

Here's what makes our custom puzzles totally custom.

Select the Size and Piece Count

We offer custom 250 piece puzzles and custom 500 piece puzzles. If your image has sufficient resolution, we may be able to create you a custom 1,000-piece puzzle. If your custom puzzle is for someone that may benefit from larger pieces than normal, we also offer large-piece puzzles. These large puzzle pieces are the same print sizes as our 500 piece puzzles, but with 250 pieces. Large piece puzzles make great puzzles for kids or those with aging hands and eyes.

Select Your Photo for Your Custom Puzzle

Just upload a photo to our jigsaw puzzle creator. Crop the photo right on the screen.

Color Correction, Editing, and Printing

Then we professionally edit your image. This includes:

  • color correction
  • editing
  • sharpening
  • and balancing the exposure

Your image is then printed in-house using the latest UV-printing technology directly onto the wood that your puzzle is made from

Custom Puzzle Design Using Unique StoryPieces™

custom wooden puzzle with whimsy Storypieces

We custom design a puzzle that is only for you. Along with your input when ordering, we custom design special StoryPieces™ and place them into your puzzle.

These pieces can be nearly anything identifiable by an outline. Popular custom pieces include spelling out a name, hearts, a message, state shapes, or almost anything you can think of. 

Custom Puzzle Materials

Our heirloom-quality, 1/8" thick wooden custom puzzles are the crème de la crème of puzzles and the best gift to make any special day a day of smiles and happy tears!