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 Our Minnesota Puzzles Collection

I've trekked deep into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and around the Star of the North state taking photos to bring you the most beautiful Minnesota scenery transformed into stunning, heirloom-quality artisan wooden puzzles. This puzzle collection is proof of why I love Minnesota so much. 

Unique StoryPieces

Our puzzles are full of unique puzzle pieces called StoryPieces™. These are puzzle pieces that tell a story within each puzzle. You'll find these nowhere else.

I designed these unique puzzle pieces around the plants, animals, and history that surrounded me as I took each picture.

Puzzle Details

Jigsaw Puzzle Material 1/8" thick (3mm) wooden puzzle 1/8" thick (3mm) wooden pieces create a satisfying tactile sensation when assembling your puzzle. High-strength, cross-banded veneer core results in a piece that is strong in all directions and will last generations.
Printing Process and Finish Matte Finish / Direct to Wood Our puzzles are printed directly to wood using the latest printing technology and are scratch and water-resistant. Our matte photo finish means the right piece is easy to see when you need it.


250, 500, or 1,000 Pieces A multitude of pieces and piece sizes means our puzzles are great puzzles for children, great puzzles for adults, and great puzzles for seniors.
Dimensions 10x15" (250-Piece)
16x24" (250-Large Pieces)
16x24" (500-Pieces)
20x30" (1,000-Pieces)
We don't require tweezers to assemble our puzzles. We also offer large-piece puzzles, which are 250-piece puzzles in the same size as our 500-piece puzzles. This is a great puzzling solution for children, seniors, and those with reduced dexterity. Or, just those that enjoy puzzles but want to spend less time doing them.
Theme Scenic, Landscape, National Park, Lake, Travel, Winter The land of 10,000 lakes has much to offer in the way of landscape, wildlife, landmarks, and more.
Artist-Signed Yes Handsigned and dated by JB Manning
Photograph Location Minnesota

StoryPieces Yes

StoryPieces are unique, whimsical pieces that are hand-drawn into each puzzle design. They are designed to be entertaining, engaging, and educational. Each piece tells a story within the puzzle about the flora, fauna, or history of the area where the image was taken.

Our Minnesota puzzle collection features unique pieces like fish (Northern Pike, Walleye, bass, and more), wildlife (deer, moose, wolves, bears), and various historical pieces.

Missing and Lost Piece Guarantee Yes Have no fear of a dog eating a puzzle piece (it happens more often than you think). Our cutting technology allows us to print and cut an exact replacement piece for your puzzle.
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