Minnesota Wooden Puzzles

About Our Minnesota Puzzles Collection

Minnesota puzzles? We've got them. I've trekked deep into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and around the state taking photos to bring you the most beautiful Minnesota scenery.

Designed to be fun for adults, children, and the whole family with engaging and educational StoryPieces. 

Unique StoryPieces

Our puzzles are full of unique puzzle pieces called StoryPieces™. These are puzzle pieces that tell a story within each puzzle. You'll find these nowhere else.

I designed these unique puzzle pieces around the plants, animals, and history that surrounded me as I took each picture.

Your Minnesota jigsaw puzzle may include StoryPieces like:

  • A sow bear with her cubs
  • A moose dining on lake vegetation
  • A bald eagle in the sky
  • A walleye swimming the depths of a cold northern lake
  • Or even a northern pike hunting the shallows!

Puzzle Sizes and Formats

Each of these stunning puzzles is available in the following sizes and formats:

  • 10x15" 250-Piece Puzzle
  • 16x20" 500-Piece  Puzzle
  • 16x20" 250-Large Pieces Puzzle
  • 22x33" 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (the largest 1,000 piece puzzle on the market!)