About the Wimberley Puzzle Company | A Made in the USA Jigsaw Puzzle Company

Swiftcurrent Falls in Glacier National Park where the idea of the Wimberley Puzzle Company was born

The idea of the Wimberley Puzzle Company was envisaged in 2014 upon a rocky outcrop overlooking Swiftcurrent Falls in the Many Glacier region of Glacier National Park. Waiting for light leaves a lot of time for one to think. One of those thoughts had drifted to a postcard that Wimberley Puzzle Company founder JB Manning had recently mailed. 

This postcard wasn't just your typical postcard. It had been written upon. Then dissected into a mostly fitting ensemble of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Finally, dropped into an envelope to wait for the recipient to put it together to see it all come back together.

A lot of people love beautiful images.

A lot of people love puzzles.

A lot of people love beautiful images of real places that they know.

Why wouldn't people love a combination of high-quality jigsaw puzzles made from professional images of real places that they know - made in the USA?

Fast forward to 2017, after a ton of market research, product research, assembly research, and packaging research. Then, waiting for materials and hardware, testing the materials and hardware, and process improvements -- the Wimberley Puzzle Company was born.

Wimberley Puzzle Company founder, JB Manning, photographing from a blind in the Limpopo Region of South Africa.

Today, the images you see on wimberleypuzzlecompany.com are a hand-selected collection of pictures by founder and photographer JB Manning. His trips by planes, automobiles, and foot have brought him to many well-known and many not-so-well-known places across the country. He pictorially documented the mélange of landscapes, people, and wildlife across the United States. Finally, creating these puzzle collections featuring breathtaking sights and scenes like the bluebonnets of Texas and many of our National Parks. 

 October 2018, JB and pup Rio concluded that puzzles could be made just as well out of an RV as they could out of the workshop. We decided to sell a good portion of our possessions, buy an RV, and move the wide-format printer and laser cutter into the RV. Rio and I set out on the road to see new places and make puzzles from their mobile workshop. You can read more about that on the Ridin' With Rio blog and more details specifically about us setting out at On the Lam With Rio

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