Collection: New Mexico Wooden Puzzles | 250, 500, 1000 Piece Puzzles

Our New Mexico Wooden Puzzles

I've spent years traveling around New Mexico to create some of the finest New Mexico landscape images to produce the finest New Mexico puzzles around.

Locations of New Mexico Puzzles in this Southwestern Jigsaw Puzzles Collection:

This collection features fine art prints turned puzzles of fantastic imagery from New Mexico, including incredible New Mexico destinations such as:

About the New Mexico Puzzles Collection

Our New Mexico puzzles collection boasts high-quality images full of sharp detail and vivid imagery of this beautiful state in the southwest. I select each image from my private photo collection of New Mexico. Then, the puzzle itself is designed with StoryPieces™ and printed directly onto our premium 1/8" thick wood. 

Each New Mexico puzzle features numerous StoryPieces™, which you'll only find at the Wimberley Puzzle Company. You may find a roadrunner, elk, bears, and other fun shapes in your puzzle that are a part of the puzzle itself, telling a story within your puzzle.