Small Town American Made Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles and More

Wimberley Puzzle Company is a manufacturer of fine wooden puzzles, made right here in Small Town USA (Wimberley, Texas).

Our Newest Additions

Our newest additions to the shop! Puzzles, art, gifts, and more.

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  • Whimsical storypiece in wooden puzzle that resembles various characters by its silhouette

    StoryPieces: A Puzzle with a Tale

    Immerse yourself in a narrative adventure with each puzzle. Our unique StoryPieces are thoughtfully crafted to embody the essence of each location's flora, fauna, and rich history. They're not just pieces; they're storytellers, bringing each scene to life.

  • Timeless Elegance: Heirloom-Quality Craftsmanship

    Experience the luxurious feel of our puzzles. Carved from premium 1/8" Baltic Birch wood, each piece offers strength and a delightful tactile sensation. Designed to last generations, our puzzles are more than a pastime—they're treasures.

  • Elegance Encased: Custom Wooden Puzzle Boxes

    Unboxing a Wimberley puzzle is an experience in itself. Housed in a bespoke wooden box, mimicking a classic book, our puzzles are a statement of art. The box, complete with a slide-off lid and easel, not only serves as your puzzle guide but also as a stylish addition to your bookshelf.

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The Making of a Puzzle