Collection: Wood Stickers and Decals

Eco friendly. Sustainable. Sustainable.

Wood stickers are a superb replacement for vinyl stickers and are better for our environment. Our wood stickers are flexible along the grain, so they will wrap around your water bottle with ease and stay there with a very strong pressure-sensitive 3M adhesive - push harder, stick better! They also stick flat, making them ideal for personalizing your laptop, car and truck windows, and pretty much anything else.

They stick great to most materials, but through our trials and testing, we've identified a few materials they don't work great with - powder-coated things, silicon things, and a few others. If you have any questions about an application, please feel free to reach out!

Our Wood stickers are made from FSC Certified sustainable real wood and will have slight variations in grain and color from one sticker to the next. We currently offer our stickers in maple and walnut wood. Although it costs more, we print a layer of white underneath all of the colored portions of the image which allows our colors to be more vibrant and durable. We also finish our wood stickers with a clear UV coat for added protection and durability.

They will eventually biodegrade over time, though they should last a long time under proper conditions.