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Puzzles With Whimsy Pieces / StoryPieces

You know exactly what a jigsaw puzzle is - you've been doing them since you were a kid! But, what are whimsy pieces and why are they so fun? 

At Wimberley Puzzle Company, we call these StoryPieces. They are unique, hand-drawn jigsaw puzzle piece shapes designed right into a puzzle that resemble familiar objects. We use them to tell a story in our puzzles depicting the flora, fauna, or history of the area where the image was taken. '

Tradition of the Whimsy Puzzle Pieces

Traditionally, whimsy puzzles pieces have been incorporated into victorian-style jigsaw puzzles. Victorian-style puzzles are those puzzles with all of the quirky shapes. Then the whimsical pieces such as bees, butterflies and more, would just be more quirky pieces cut into the puzzle as the puzzlemaker worked. 

Historically, whimsy puzzle pieces have only been available in wooden jigsaw puzzles. We love making wooden puzzles! But, we've also recognized the desire for these fun pieces to be incorporated into more traditional cardboard puzzles.

Introducing StoryPiece Puzzles

Recognizing this need, we developed StoryPieces and offer them in both our puzzleboard and wooden jigsaw puzzles. They are also included in all sizes of our puzzles - 250 piece, 500 piece, and 1,000 piece puzzles.

This has allowed us to bridge the divide between higher cost wooden puzzles and less expensive, more traditional die-cut puzzles, with a hybrid-style puzzle design that incorporates these pieces into a high quality cardboard puzzle.

StoryPieces utilize strategic placement in your puzzle to tell a story. It doesn't make a lot of sense for a squirrel or mountain lion to be flying across the sky of a photo puzzle. It makes a lot more sense for the squirrel to be in a tree. Or, the mountain lion StoryPiece to be traversing the incline of a steep mountain at Big Bend National Park.

As a result, StoryPieces transform from just really neat pieces cut into your puzzle, to puzzle pieces that are:

  • entertaining
  • engaging
  • and educational.

Puzzle Art

While all of our puzzles have different StoryPieces unique to the area the image was taken, each puzzle does have one thing in common and that is that each puzzle features a state-shaped puzzle piece hand-signed by the original artist. We are not just creating puzzles, but a collectible piece of art.

Wolf Whimsy StoryPieceBuffalo Puzzle Piece 





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