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Sittin' Around the Campfire

Is there much of anything that is better than sitting around a campfire? Even if it's a smoking, sputtering, popping (popping, not pooping!) fire of green, unseasoned oak, that you pray actually catches? It just enhances whatever you might be doing - whether that's socializing in a loose ring of camp chairs strewn around the fire (as long as you're not the one that is the smoke magnet), playing on your phone, telling ghost stories, cooking smores, or even writing on your laptop. 

Sometimes I feel as if I like to do things the hard way... like using green oak and refusing to buy lighter fluid. Or, taking an 11-month old puppy on a road trip with no particular destination in mind, for an undetermined length of time. The good thing is that it's not actually cold - a fire just makes everything better. 

Blogging is a new experience for both Rio and I. Everyone says, "you need to blog about this!" But, about what exactly? I actually looked up the definition of blog: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. I'm not an idiot; I know what a blog is... I just had hoped that it would give me some direction. Nope.

It seems to be especially difficult when your mind jumps around a lot. For example, Rio just rubbed against my leg and my thoughts went from, "what should I blog about while I'm blogging" to "I should save some of Rio's hair everytime that I brush him out to use as tinder for my next smoking, sputtering, popping fire."  

Let's not call this a diary... that's a horrible description for a blog, at least this blog. I really wanted to just write about cool adventures with Rio that included great photos, that linked to adroit puzzles, so y'all could buy them for you or someone else. But, how many adventures can a person actually have? Maybe not how many, but how consistently can a person have adventures? Enough to "regularly update a website or web page, that is typically run by an individual or small group"? Probably not.

Today's adventures? We managed to actually make puzzles inside of an RV - the very first ones, shipped, and on the way! We survived. I didn't really take any pictures; I had good intentions of doing so but that's really a lesson about how life can be when photography is involved.

About that...

We're at Potter Creek Park right now, on the shores of Canyon Lake in the Texas Hill Country. It's pretty but not especially scenic - is that an oxymoron?

Sittin’ Around the Campfire

Some places you go to there are photo opportunities at almost every turn. Some places, you really have to work to make something special. Rio needs a lot of walks and runs to manage his energy levels to a level appropriate of living in a 400 square foot space. For his sanity and mine! Those last 100'ish words actually have a point. We found a nice view of a footbridge straddling a wet weather inlet, connecting two small peninsulas. It will make a nice image at some point in time, but that time wasn't today.

In the past, my trips could be described as "run and gun"... I would generally find the light rather than wait for the light. I was much more mobile with just a truck and a tent, and always felt pressed for time since one can't stay on the road forever (or can they?). In the past, I would have seen this footbridge, felt disappointment at not having great light, maybe waited a bit to see how the light changed, but more likely I'd have moved on to find a shot that worked then and there, wherever I may be. 

I had success with the run and gun methodology. I have a catalog filled with great images... a few of them have been turned into puzzles. But, what I'm really hoping for, is that the combination of slowing down (RV Life) and having the option of waiting for the light when I see a nice scene, will result in even more spectacular images for y'all to peruse (and obviously... puzzles). 

It's worth mentioning, we also made a quick run around the lake to the Canyon Lake Gorge. We didn't find great light there either, but we did find a lot of No Trespassing, you'll be fined or imprisoned (or both) signs. I make every effort to stay legit in making my images, so I think I'll just need to try and set up a tour. If you don't know about the Canyon Lake Gorge, you should definitely check out how this thing came about! It's a pretty cool thing to nerd out on, if you ask me.

This feels like a pretty natural place for consummation of Sittin' Around the Campfire. Is that how this blogging works? Write a bunch of informal, conversational-style words and when it feels right to say, until next time, it's right? 

I suppose we'll see... until our next (non) adventure.


P.S. If you enjoy watching deer, you'll love Canyon Lake! Rio's a fan of watching chasing deer. 

Sittin’ Around the Campfire


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