Wimberley Puzzle Company Artists


The Wimberley Puzzle Company features puzzles based on imagery from hand-selected artists.

Adrian Gutierrez

Photographer Adrian Gutierrez - Wimberley Puzzle Company Artist

Adrian is all about capturing special moments. He is located in Austin, originally from Lockhart, Texas, the BBQ Capital of Texas and only 20 minutes from Austin. To this day he is constantly trying to improve everything about his photography. This is the attitude that keeps him humble in his work and keeps him constantly trying to strive to become one of the best. Adrian's puzzles are available exclusively at Lockhart State Park.  You can find more of Adrian's work on Instagram @Adriangutierrezphotography or on his website Adrian Gutierrez Photography.


JB Manning

Photographer JB Manning shooting images from a blind in South AfricaJB is a native-born Texan residing in Wimberley, TX that pictorially documents the beauty of Texas. His image collection ranges from the mountains and the canyons, the gentle flow of Hill Country rivers and streams to their epilogue into the Gulf of Mexico, and everywhere in-between. As a photographer, avid outdoorsman and conservationist, the goal of his images is to deliver the beauty and uniqueness of a particular moment in nature to you. More of JB’s work can be found at jbmvphotography.com.


Staci Legg

Wimberley Puzzle Company Artist Staci LeggStaci Legg is a sixth generation Texan...with her feet firmly rooted in Texas Hill Country soil, she spends hours observing wildlife in their natural habitat, walking barefoot in the cool Texas rivers always with a simple wildflower tucked in her hair. Photographing natural subjects allows her to embrace peaceful moments as she wanders the backroads of central Texas. You can find more of Staci's work on Instagram @snltexasbkroads.