Collection: Wooden Landscape Puzzles of Texas | 250, 500, 1000 Piece Puzzles

Landscape Puzzles of Texas Collection

Is there anything as calming and beautiful as a Texas landscape? Our Texas landscapes are on display in this breathtaking collection of landscape puzzles from across our great state of Texas.

I've traveled far and wide across Texas to photograph this collection of scenes across Texas. Many you may recognize. Many which you may not but may be inspired to (hopefully!) visit soon. 

Our Landscape Puzzles of Texas Collection features scenic puzzles and locations such as:

Puzzles Sizes and Piece Counts Available:

As the manufacturer of these puzzles, we're able to offer our jigsaw puzzles in a variety of sizes and piece counts. Our Texas landscape puzzles are available in the following sizes and piece counts:

  • 10x15": 250-Piece Puzzle
  • 16x20": 250-Large Pieces Puzzles
  • 16x20": 500-Piece Puzzles
  • 22x33": 1000 Piece Puzzles