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5 Great Puzzle Gifts for National Park Lovers

You and I, we're National Park lovers.

One of my favorite aspects of creating puzzles from my own photography is that each time I cut a puzzle, I get to relive the experience from when I was taking the image. Luckily, with a lot of travel through our stunning National Parks system, and plenty of puzzles, I get to relive my experiences from those parks quite often.

Likewise, even better for me, is when I hear from someone who bought for themselves, or who was gifted one of our National Parks puzzles. They explain to me the significance that the image has for them and how they get to relive their experience while putting the puzzle together one piece at a time. They tell me tales of proposals, of healing, amazing times with their loved ones and more. It's perfect.

Our unique StoryPieces provide an even deeper puzzling experience. I can hear the excitement in their voices when they tell me about the wolf piece, or the bear piece, or any other number of pieces in my puzzles that they found and how it relates back to an animal that they were lucky enough, or not lucky enough to find in their journeys.

Here are 5 of our most revered National Park puzzles that would make a great gift for National Park lovers.

1. Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring
(Yellowstone National Park [external link])

Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring Puzzle

My first trip to Yellowstone National Park is one that I'll never forget. It wasn't necessarily planned. Really, it was just a whim, and I'm lucky to have been able to found a camping spot, but I did. This image is one of my favorites and provides an amazing overview of Grand Prismatic Spring, while on the way to Fairy Falls.

2. Quintessential Big Bend
(Big Bend National Park [external link])

Big Bend National Park Puzzle with Chisos Mountains in the background and cacti in the foreground

This puzzle was so easy to name. With the Chisos Mountains glowing in the background from a setting sun, and bright-green cacti in the foreground, separated by desert it just screams to the heavens, "Big Bend." Loaded with fun StoryPieces, this puzzle is sure to evoke memories from your travels to this west Texas Treasure. This puzzle is also available as a National Park Coffee Mug

3. Padre Sunset
(Padre Island National Seashore [external link])

Padre Island National Seashore with a stunning colorful sunset and waves rolling into the shoreline

Padre Island National Seashore is perhaps one of the most meaningful outdoor areas in the world to me. I've been visiting here since I was just a kid and have so many memories of both family and nature here. I try to paint everything in the best light that I can when making a puzzle or taking an image, but Padre Island is one of those places that I really want to put in its best light, because of how stunning it is and the memories that it holds.

4. Boundary Waters Voyageurs
(Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area [external link])

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Jigsaw Puzzle, with a scene of canoes, forest, and lakes from Crooked Lake

My mom is from this area. As a kid, I was lucky enough to have visited this part of the country every summer as a kid. I loved my trips there. But, as an adult, I've grown to appreciate more the true beauty and wildness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This fine art puzzle is from the shoreline of Crooked Lake, along the US-Canadian border and I feel gives a perfect portrayal of the BWCA.

5. Santa Elena Canyon
(Big Bend National Park [external link])

Santa Elena Canyon walls rising high above the muddy Rio Grande River

If you've been to Big Bend National Park, I hope that if you were able to experience one amazing piece of scenery, it's from within Santa Elena Canyon. I tried my best to illustrate how small the towering canyon walls make you feel. Did it work? 


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