Yellowstone, Morning Drink

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Yellowstone, Morning Drink

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

 - Premium Quality Chipboard or Baltic Birch Wood
- Hand Signed Artist Signature Series by award winning photographer, JB Manning
- High quality, luster-finish photo paper
- Unique whimsical character pieces in each puzzle

The warm, first light of the day begins to illuminate the land, casting beautiful shades of orange and yellow that descend gently onto the rocks, fields, riverbank and buffalo that make up this great Yellowstone scene. A rocky ledge, warmed by the rising sun, begins our introduction to this puzzle; leading us up a calm stream, still retaining shades of blue from what was a dark sky; until we find two American Bison at the focal point of this Great American jigsaw puzzle - one grazing on lush green grass located on the western riverbank, the other with head down, taking a long, cool, first drink of the day; and beyond, a field of grass, warm with orange hues from the rising sun. 

The Wimberley Puzzle Company Artist Signature Series Jigsaw Puzzles are manufactured using the highest quality materials: including extra thick and durable puzzle board backing, premium professional Luster Photography Paper with a beautiful matte finish, and soft-touch finish for long-term protection and durability of your puzzle. And the Artist Signature Series? Each puzzle contains one special piece signed by the original artist.  

We strive to use the highest quality materials in manufacturing our puzzles here at the Wimberley Puzzle Company - from the puzzle backing, to the print, and finally to the box we put everything in. 

Puzzle Piece Thickness Comparison

We offer two puzzle backing materials for you to choose from:

1/4" Baltic Birch

Our premium puzzle backing offering is 1/4" thick Baltic Birch imported from Europe. We chose Baltic Birch because of its consistency, quality and sustainability. The plies consist of 100% birch wood - meaning no fillers or unknown softwoods. Birch is an abundant and fast growing species of tree and this sustainability was part of our decision. 

Extrathick Puzzleboard

Our extrathick puzzleboard is comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled material for sustainability. It measures .08" inches thick, which is approximately twice as thick as a typical puzzle that you'll find at big box stores. Our heavyweight, luster photo paper measures .01" for a finished piece that is .09" thick. With high-quality materials comes extra durability. You'll feel the difference right out of the box.


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