COVID-Updates: Where's My Puzzle?

If you've landed here, you might be wondering one of these two things:

"Are you open?"

"Where's my puzzle?"

Yes, absolutely open. In fact, I'm one of the very few puzzle manufacturers that has managed to stay open for the duration of the COVID-19 event. Just how open is Wimberley Puzzle Company? In addition to the hours that each of my newly hired rockstar employees are putting in (answering your questions, helping cut, trim, glue, clean, package and ship your puzzles), I have been putting in 90+ hour weeks without a day off since March 15. 

"If you're open, why don't I have my puzzle yet?

That's a good question. Demand initially spiked between 2,500 and 3,000% above normal in the second half of March. Flip the calendar to April and demand consistently increased, and increased, and increased - topping out 7500% above normal. 

That may not mean anything to you, or you may not care. To put that number into perspective, how many of you had trouble buying toilet paper? Even now, it doesn't seem too readily available. Toilet paper demand spiked to about 200% above normal, or 2x normal. Double. And the world fell apart. Or, at least the supply chain collapsed. These are billion dollar companies that are not able to expand rapidly enough to meet the 2x demand for us to wipe our bottoms.

Just only a month ago, Wimberley Puzzle Company was manufacturing from an RV while traveling around the country. Between then and now, my daily production/shipments are 8 to 10x (800-1000%) what they were pre-COVID, and my total overall production capacity has been increased by nearly 3x - without using any unpaid deliverables money to do so, which is a result of things like ordering in additional, very specialized equipment, moving everything into an actual manufacturing space, and hiring personnel. If you would have told me two months ago that I'd have 4 people working with me in the next 60-days, I'd have bet the farm against you.

But, that's where we are. There are really two paths forward: I, and the folks working with me now, can continue working our butts off for you to deliver some pretty kick ass puzzles that you will not find anywhere else and you can support a small business, or you can cancel. If you want a run of the mill puzzle, you might be able to find some puzzles at the thrift store or somewhere. If you do want some kickass artist-signed puzzles, of places you know and that you love, full of special pieces that tell a story, definitely isn't your typical puzzle, and is made right here in the USA, I hope you'll continue on with us, not just for this puzzle, but for many more. 

If you need an exact date, I probably can't give you one with absolute precision. All I can tell you is that we are working through the puzzles nearly every hour of every day. 

If you need a phone call, I'm sorry. I do not have the manpower to offer phone support. All of the equipment has to be turned off to take phone calls. This is a manufacturing environment, and it's not quiet.

If you need to cancel, feel free to reach out, and one of us will get you taken care of.