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JB's Glowforge Laser Crumbtray Rulers

JB's Glowforge Laser Crumbtray Rulers

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These crumbtray rulers are the perfect accessory for your Glowforge laser cutter. Two variants are offered: A 0-12" imperial standard ruler for the left and right rails of the crumbtray, and a 0-6" imperial centerline ruler (to help you align the exact center of your items) for the left and right rails of your crumbtray. The possibilities - well, they aren't endless - but they give you options. Print a 0-12" ruler for the left rail and a 0-6" centerline ruler for the right rail, or switch it up, or print the same ruler for both rails of the crumbtray.

These are the perfect tools for aligning jigs making them absolutely repeatable. This is what I use for my puzzles! Just a quick engrave on the Proofgrade supplied veneer with adhesive.

Instant (or nearly!) digital SVG download. Ready to import and cut on your Glowforge laser cutter! Also, includes Adobe Illustrator files with modifiable text.

BONUS: These rulers, and the Lid Risers are included with JB's Glowforge Laser Engraving Photoshop Actions!

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