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JB's Glowforge Laser Keep Cool Lid Risers

JB's Glowforge Laser Keep Cool Lid Risers

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Glowforge Yellow button? Summer heating woes got you - and your Glowforge - down?

These Lid Risers are designed to support the Glowforge lid in an open state to enhance the cooling. After the Glowforge laser enters a standby state from 5-minutes of non-use, the coolant pump also goes into standby meaning the coolant is no longer circulating. Keeping the lid raised keeps the coolant flowing and your Glowforge cooler, while also reducing the Greenhouse effect that can occur from heat being trapped in the case without being exhausted out and minimizing long-term stress from keeping the lid raised.

Instant (or nearly!) digital SVG download. Ready to import and cut on your Glowforge laser cutter!

BONUS: These Lid Risers, and the Crumbtray Rulers are included with JB's Glowforge Laser Engraving Photoshop Actions!

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