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JB's Laser Photo Engraving Actions for Affinity Photo

JB's Laser Photo Engraving Actions for Affinity Photo

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Laser Photo Engraving Software

Our simple laser photo engraving plugin for Affinity Photo is designed to make photo prep easy and fast for beginner and professional laser engravers! Though initially developed for prepping and outputting files for the Glowforge laser, this Adobe plugin works exceptionally well with other brands of laser engravers such as Trotec, Epilog, Universal, Boss, Mira, and more.

This Affinity Photo action set is custom-designed for laser photo engraving to give you the optimal laser engraving edits for your images. The actions will prepare your photograph for engraving quickly and easily with completely non-destructive and customizable editing.

Full of features - such as intelligent editing, smart sharpening, dedicated portrait mode, a dedicated mode for images that need to be inverted (such as slate, acrylic, and glass), and much more.

BONUS: JB's Laser Photo Engraving Actions for Photoshop now include my crumb tray rulers for precise material placement and lid risers to keep your machine cool during these hot summer months!

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