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Key to My Heart Valentines Puzzle

Key to My Heart Valentines Puzzle

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Express your feelings in a way that words can't by gifting this Key to My Heart Valentine's Puzzle to your one true love.

This unique puzzle features 3 puzzles in one: the heart, the key, and the outer ring, with a total of just over 160 pieces and a finished size of 15" round, with all unique piece shapes, with several whimsical pieces incorporated throughout. This puzzle will play a bit harder than the piece count indicates due to the puzzles within the puzzle.

** WPC will only be accepting a limited number of orders for these puzzles due to the custom nature **

This puzzle is available in the following sizes and formats.

10x15" 250 Piece Puzzles: Perfect for a quick evening of solo puzzling, or the perfect gift for under $20! Includes StoryPieces.16x20" 250 Larges Piece Puzzles: Our extra-large piece puzzles combine our mid-size prints with a lower 250 piece count ideal for those with reduced finger dexterity or working puzzles with children. Includes StoryPieces.16x20" 500 Piece Puzzles: The original Wimberley Puzzle Company puzzle is excellent for solo or family puzzling. Our 500-piece count puzzle pieces are not too small, and not too large - they are just right. Includes StoryPieces. 22x33" 1000 Piece Puzzles: 1000 piece puzzles of all of your favorite landscape puzzles are now available! I've developed the largest 1000 piece puzzle size currently available and loaded with even more unique StoryPieces in each puzzle. Every piece is unique, like all of our puzzles, and only fits where it should. Perfect for hours and hours of puzzling.

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