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Wimberley Puzzle Company

Love Home | Country Puzzle | 250, 500, 1000 Pieces

Love Home | Country Puzzle | 250, 500, 1000 Pieces

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Love Home - Texas Jigsaw Puzzle

Shop the Tree House. Wimberley, Texas

Capture the essence of Wimberley, Texas, with the "Love Home" jigsaw puzzle, a centerpiece from the Wimberley Puzzle Company Artist Signature Collection. This puzzle brings to life a vibrant display from the beloved local store, Shop the Tree House. The charming scene features whimsically lit metal letters that spell out "Love Home," with a warmly illuminated Texas state silhouette nestled beneath, inviting a sense of Texan pride into your home.

The bright, marquee lights beckon puzzle enthusiasts to recreate a snapshot of Wimberley's community spirit and artisanal creativity. As you piece together each high-quality wooden segment, you'll assemble not just a picture but a celebration of local character and craftsmanship. The vivid blues and rustic charms of the store's exterior are printed with precise detail, ensuring every bulb and hue pops just like it does on a leisurely stroll through Wimberley's picturesque streets.

Perfect for a cozy evening in or as a gift to remind someone of the Lone Star State's allure, this puzzle offers a connection to the heart of Wimberley. It’s an invitation to embrace the comfort of "Love Home," one piece at a time.


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