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Puzzle of the Month Club (3-Months Prepaid)

Puzzle of the Month Club (3-Months Prepaid)

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The Wooden Puzzle of the Month Club subscription is a fantastic way to get our newest, first edition, never been released, artist-signed, wooden puzzles every month.

On our Puzzle of the Month Club plan, you'll be the very first to receive our newest puzzles - not yet even released to the public! It's as easy as setting it once and visiting the mailbox once a month - your puzzle will be automatically (after a lot of work by our puzzle maker) shipped to you every month upon your subscription renewal.

Need a little more incentive? You'll even save more than 25% over placing an order every month! No extra shipping charges; shipping is included.

Even more incentive? Any other orders placed while your Puzzle of the Month Club subscription is active also receive free shipping.

Puzzles for yourself, puzzles for your friends and family - it's all the same to us.

Freebies? Sometimes Rio is also feeling a bit generous, so our StoryPiece magnets might also find their way into your box or other fun things we are working on!

No obligation, no contracts, cancel anytime.

Vibrantly printed directly to wood, and meticulously created right here in the USA. Each piece is intricately cut with a powerful laser, ensuring a perfect fit. Our cutting technology also allows us to cut an exact replacement piece if you ever lose or break a piece, or the dog eats it.

Even cooler, this puzzle arrives in a handmade wooden box that looks right at home sitting on your bookshelf. Included in the box is also a display easel, which allows you to remove the slidable lid and utilize that as a poster guide for assembly. After completion, you can even use the lid as desktop art, or glue this durable puzzle together and frame it.

  • 7x10", 130-pieces: Includes display easel and tray.
  • 10x15", 250-pieces in wooden box with removable lid and easel
  • 16x24, 250-large pieces in wooden box with removable lid and easel
  • 16x24, 500-pieces with wooden box and removable lid and easel
  • 20x30, 1,000-piece puzzle in wooden box with removable lid and easel
    • 1/8" thick wooden pieces create a satisfying tactile sensation when assembling your puzzle. High-strength, cross-banded veneer core results in a piece that is strong in all directions and will last generations.
    • Our puzzles are printed directly to wood using the latest printing technology and are scratch and water-resistant. Our matte photo finish means the right piece is easy to see when you need it.
    • A multitude of piece counts and piece sizes means our puzzles are great puzzles for children, adults, and for seniors, or all of them together. We don't require tweezers to assemble our puzzles. We also offer large-piece puzzles, which are 250-piece puzzles in the same size as our 500-piece puzzles. This is a great puzzling solution for children, seniors, and those with reduced dexterity. Or, just those that enjoy puzzles but want to spend less time doing them.
    • StoryPieces are unique, whimsical pieces that are hand-drawn into each puzzle design. They are designed to be entertaining, engaging, and educational. Each piece tells a story within the puzzle about the flora, fauna, or history of the area where the image was taken.
    • Signed and dated by the artist
    • Have no fear of a dog eating a puzzle piece (it happens more often than you think). Our cutting technology allows us to print and cut an exact replacement piece for your puzzle so we offer a free missing, broken, or lost piece replacement guarantee.
    1. What are the puzzles made from?Our wooden puzzles are crafted from 1/8 Baltic Birch plywood. This plywood uses cross-directional layering for optimal strength and longevity.
    2. What if I lose or break a piece (or the dog does)? Have no fear, our cutting technology allows us to recut an exact replacement piece for your puzzle.
    3. What exactly is a StoryPiece? A StoryPiece is our take on whimsical pieces. Our puzzles include special shapes that represent the flora, fauna, history, or my experience of the area where the puzzle image was taken. Mountain lions, birds, bees, deer, and more make appearances in our puzzles.
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